Disruptive Thinking and Immaculate Execution of your Enterprise Technology Strategy

We partner with you in visualizing your dreams and deliver solutions. As your technology partner we ensure you focus on your business while leveraging our skills and experience in cutting edge technologies, hence always being one step ahead of your competition.

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Products and Services to Get Your End Users HOOKED

Walking Tree works with you in designing, creating and supporting new products or services that customers love to use again and again. Over past few years we have developed systematic methods and best practices which enable our clients in getting a new habit forming product or service to market. Working closely with the client we understand the problem they intend to solve by their product or service. Taking this idea we analyze the problem, list out end user pain points, identify psychological trigger points, develop action points for user to return again and again and hence lay out the draft blue print of product or service. Further we ideate with the customer to finalize the final blue print of product and service. Using our deep technical capabilities we convert this blue print to live product or service. Further once the product or service go through soft launch we work with client and end users to fine tune further so that we create user experiences which get users HOOKED.

Braink Features


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Mobile and Web Development

Walking Tree brings together top expertise and extensive experience in technology strategy, design and development to help clients conquer their biggest web and mobile challenges.

Product Development

Walking Tree seamlessly aligns and integrates its high quality resources with client’s business processes, acting as their extended Product Development Team to keep them ahead in the innovation curve.

Enterprise Application

Walking Tree implement well conceived technology solutions and best practices delivering a robust Enterprise Development Ecosystem that enables enterprises to achieve business objectives fast and efficiently, which is fundamental to their success.

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Walking Tree with its wide expertise in both conventional as well as Big Data environment provides solutions that empower organizations to manage both structured and unstructured data hence build advanced analytics and gain quality insights.

Internet of Things

Walking Tree helps businesses to create strategic differentiation through connected products by building solutions using right IoT platforms, hardware, and tools that will most efficiently achieve their goals.

Quality Assurance

Walking Tree ensures that quality is hallmark of every product and solution you deliver based on time tested best practices, extensive capabilities in using testing tools and innovation in testing automation.

We Support Open Source Community Extensively

Walking Tree is dedicated to support and promote the open source community by contributing and sharing knowledge through various modes.

Walking Tree’s team regularly participates in open source community helping community solve problems and challenges in wide range of technologies including but not limited to ExtJS, AngularJS, Adempiere, and Mobile Application development through forums, blogs, tutorials and social media channels. Sencha Tutorials is another small contribution to the Community to guide developers to enlighten their knowledge and learning experience.

Walking Tree also contribute lot of code to the community in form of enhancements, plug-ins, practical recipes and working samples.

Technocrats and Technology Evangelists of Walking Tree have also published several Books to help developers to enhance their skills and knowledge on various technologies.

Braink Features


Faster Time to Market

Walking Tree's extensive consulting experience ensures validation, configuration and faster delivery of products and solutions to meet the clients need in rapidly changing environment.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Walking Tree’s proficient and well trained resources ensures that customer’s can aggressively increase their development efforts and reduce overall cost associated with the development.

Flexible Engagement Model

Walking Tree’s extensive experience of working in diverse project environments ensures flexibility and hence effective collaboration between multiple teams in a structured and transparent manner, which drives greater operational efficiency.

Extensive Live Project Experience

Walking Tree’s highly skilled consultants, with rigorous exposure to multiple live project implementations, are not only capable to deliver smart solutions but also bring to the table a broader perspective from different industries/verticals.

Niche Technology Expertise

Walking Tree's in-depth focus on cutting edge niche technologies like Sencha, Xamarin, Hadoop, MongoDB to name a few encourages customers to target new business segments while leveraging on these capabilities.

Rigorously Trained Professionals

Walking Tree's certified trainers work regularly with every consultant to impart knowledge and keep them updated, which is vital for ensuring they implement best practices, latest methodologies and coding guidelines in every project they undertake.



Some of the challenges Walking Tree has solved for Enterprises


    Technology Solutions in Health Care


    A State of the Art Healthcare Marketplace Connecting Healthcare Users to Healthcare Providers!


    Real time "Smart Apps" for Open Marketplace


    Reinvent your Enterprise Apps - Understand it in minutes, deploy it in seconds and run it on any device!


    Services and Solutions to optimize waste water reuse!


    Waste water treatment using latest technology!


    Data Visualization for Personal Finance Industry


    A New Approach to Personal Finance - wisely managing your finances to help achieving your goals and dreams!


Fixed Price Model

The Fixed Price Model is suitable for projects with well defined requirements, specifications and schedules. When the requirement is clearly defined, Walking Tree will estimate the project scope, timelines, project complexity, cost and the delivery contract. Enhancement or any changes are provisioned after complete software development and can be managed through the change management process.

Under this business model, Walking Tree ensure budget and quality delivery of the final product within a pre-determined time span and a mutually agreed fixed price need to be paid for the project implementation.

Time and Material Model

The Time and Material Model is suitable when the project requirements and/or software development scope are not clear and plans regarding implementation are not precisely defined and the requirements change dynamically during the project implementation process.

Under this model, engagement may vary from a few months to years. Walking Tree provides quality resources and the growth effort is billed at the end of every month depending on the pre-determined and a mutually agreed hourly rate. Any cost towards subscriptions, license fees etc is paid by customer on being invoiced.

Hybrid Model

The Hybrid Model is a mix of both Fixed Price Model and Time and Material Models aimed at optimizing the effectiveness and cost of software development. The hybrid model comes into picture when the projects specifications and requirements are not planned but are required to be decided before actual development process take place.

Under this model first on Time and Material Model a discovery phase is initiated. During this phase Walking Tree works with client to identify and finalize requirements, specifications and schedules based on which Walking Tree gives a Fixed Cost estimate for its effort related to development. Subsequently the development project is taken up on Fixed Cost Model.


Business Model Types


Onsite Model

Under this model, throughout the assignment, Walking Tree’s onsite resource functionally reports to client’s onsite representative who is responsible for managing project requirements, creating functional specifications and project delivery as per plan.

Under this business model, Walking Tree ensure budget and quality delivery of the final product within a pre-determined time span and a mutually agreed fixed price need to be paid for the project implementation.

Offshore Model

Under this model, depending on requirements Walking Tree’s resource functionally reports to client’s representative based at client’s location or to equivalent person based at Walking Tree’s own location who in turn reports to client’s representative. The team composition is done in such a way that onsite lead has an equivalent person on offsite and responsible for managing project requirements, creating functional specifications and project delivery as per plan.